Is The Sky Really Falling?

Chicken Little thought the sky was falling. He was right in that there was a problem, but the sky wasn’t falling then. Today the sky is not falling in a literal sense, but it really is falling when it comes to the world we know. If you are like me, then you know we are headed for problems in this country, and you are wondering how to protect your way of life and your family.

Our government is over 17 Trillion dollars in debt and that is only the debt they admit to. The Federal Reserve is creating more money every month and they can’t stop or the economy will collapse. They are doing it at a time when other countries are dumping the dollar.

We have leaders in Washington who seem determined to wreck our country and government regulation and control is growing like a wildfire. It doesn’t take a whole lot of brain cells to figure out that we are on a fast track heading toward disaster in this country.

Now I do believe that God is in control, but I also believe that God will severely judge a nation that has turned its back on Him the way we have. I have prepared a special report detailing what is coming to this country and how you can protect your family.

Contrary to what you believe, having a lot of food stockpiled and loading up on guns is not the way to protect your family. In fact, that may be what gets you and your family killed.

There is absolutely no cost or obligation to get this free report. I believe that God wants me to warn as many people as possible to what is heading our way. That is why I am offering this for free. Get my FREE REPORT to find out how to protect your family. Simply give me your email and your first name, so I can rush your free report to you. Your future and your families future depends on it. Robert Baynes

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Is There More?

YES! My report gives you the basics. It breaks it down and gives you a good idea of what is going on. Is it all the information? Absolutely NOT! There is much more information out there, and more developing every day that the average person doesn't see. One of the best ways to get these earth shattering bits of information is by subscribing to my monthly newsletter through our CLR Shop. This way you are never too far from the truth.

Is There A Plan?

I would not be a very good steward of what God has given me, if I didn't also plan for what was to come. We are called to use the talents we have been given to protect our family. With this idea in mind we are developing a relocation procedure that anyone can purchase. The plan will give each buyer a strategy for finding the right place to move themselves. It will also detail what actions to take to settle their family down and begin thriving in their new community.

Can I Get Help?

Some people are unnerved by the idea of going at this alone. I have a plan for that as well. If you don’t feel comfortable relocating your family to protect them from what is to come, you can get my personal aid I will personally help you and your family relocate and get settled in the country I told you about in my free report. This gives you a personal guide through the upcoming storm.

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